Where STEM sciences are not  classes. 
They are experiences

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Little Shop of Science? 

Classroom Enrichment


Little shop of science provides k-6 classroom enrichment opportunities in stem sciences 


  • Sessions are tailored to supplement the existing science content

  • Teachers remain in class for on-the-job, science education experience

  • Sessions support state and national science standards

  • Students participate in open-ended discovery based science lessons with strong focus on scientific processes

Road Show

The Little shop of science road show is a traveling STEM museum with  hands-on, interactive exhibits

  • Exhibits are kid-friendly, approachable and made from everyday materials

  • Children, students and families design and donate every exhibit

Site Visits

From small- group builds to large presentations, Little shop of science provides unique STEM experiences to children from early childhood to 6th grade

  • Visits support state and national science standards

  • Visits are designed to fit the needs of the site

Teacher Workshops

Little shop of science provides custom teacher workshops

  • Include exciting, hands-on, easy-to implement and practical activities

  • Workshops are tailored to suite the needs of your school, district or organization

YouTube Channel

  • Hands-on STEM classroom management strategies
  • STEM investigations and activities
  • Standard-based, child centered, awesome STEM ideas 
  • and more!


By T. Few

An Outstanding Teacher

 Read passage normally.

Then, read the first word in each line consecutively

I'm sure that an outstanding teacher's skills and attributes are

More than I can describe in the space provided. I am, however, very Interested in giving it a try. Outstanding teachers are wise

In their ways but young in their hearts, make school an experience- Arousing curiosity of the students, are calm, patient and teach with Enthusiasm, are just as organized as they are flexible, believe

In students and cherish their unique differences, see more than just Kids, they see the potential of what children can become. Rather

Than escaping at the bell, outstanding teachers know the benefit

In make solid connections out of the class and use them to plan Teaching and learning experiences that relevant, rigorous and fun. Facts...are facts! Teaching is hard and we don't get metals for all

The wonderful things we do, or all our grand skills and attributes. Facts...are facts! Outstanding teachers are strong and, come what

May, are idealistic enough to know they make a difference and think Realistically enough to know when, or not, they can affect positive Change. Outstanding teachers are motivated, passionate learners

But also create motivated, passionate learners. They understand

That mentality doesn't have a shape or size. Facing challenges with Enthusiasm and internal drive, trading “what do I do?” mentalities

For the “what am I going to do?” mentalities, transforms children into Exploring, problem-solving, can-do machines who confidently apply

The 21st century skills necessary to not only survive but thrive in real World leadership roles. Outstanding teachers expect a lot and

Will not accept anything but the best from their students; they

Remain fair and consistent while providing individualized lessons

With authentic learning experiences; they use quality data to guide Them in identifying students’ strengths and opportunities for growth. The outstanding teacher communicates and collaborates with ease. Rest easy, this could never relay all an outstanding teacher is made

Of. But, knowing how to plan a great pizza party or two to celebrate Their academic success as well as honor great milestones in students' Lives and friendships out of school doesn't hurt.



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